Monday, April 17, 2006

New York Rocks - Prelude

Not all dreams transform to reality. It’s even sad when a lot of hard work and expectations were put into. At times we come across experiences which we never thought off, which we never expected or desired. Then it’ll be a pleasant surprise, won’t it be? Have you ever felt like that? I did!

That’s how I felt when a cold breeze cuddled my face as I was watching the entire city standing in the 86th floor of one of the world’s tallest buildings

That’s how I felt when I walked against the heavy wind on a bridge that was constructed 100 odd years before

That’s how it felt, when a sandbar shark and I was separated by nothing but a glass window

Yeah, New York rocks

-A city that never sleeps-


Nothing was planned when I suddenly got a 4 day weekend i.e. weekend plus Monday holiday for President’s day (can you believe, it’s celebrated hereJ) plus a day off for my hard work on a holidayJ. It was just about a month me and my wife came to US and almost got settled. Also winter was looking dangerous with frequent snowfalls and nasty winds. Sunny Uncle, my father’s friend was there in NY and has called us once to visit their home. Also we had no other choice of places too. The idea struck and we passed the billJ. Finalizing travel plan was confusing. Interstate transportation is not that efficient in Nashua NH where we live. Finally my colleague Kaushik told he’ll drop us at Lowell where we work. Not much of packing was there except the winter clothes and some sweets for my uncle.

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Alias alias Alias said...

SO u split it up atlast.
good work
nice background.
and keep writing