Monday, April 17, 2006

Kodai Trip, a sequel

An early morning in the June first week of 2005!

Bangalore was calm, deep asleep and cold even in this hot season. No rain, No Falling tress, No Traffic jam; Darkness seems to be much more beautiful than the busy hot daylight. A two storied building near BTM. Lights are there on the last apartment on the second floor. Hey, is that the music from 91 FM? Who is so crazy to get up this early? What are they doing? Five people were busy carrying their luggage down to a white car parked down and serious talks going on.

…Woods are lovely dark n deep

And Miles to go before I sleep…

Yeah, Cool Guys are going out for a tour of 3 days. Read on, a sequel to our Ooty Trip.

…Things changed much after the Ooty trip. Ranjith moved to Trivandrum and started his own software firm inn Techno park – Cell technologies Ltd. Guys became busier with office. I got engaged. And most importantly, we changed our house to near Silk Board. As expected, life started becoming duller. Invitation bar was sought as a relief – A common chill-out. Frequency was at an all-time high – 4-5 times a week.

And there came an inner call that we have to go for yet another outing for 3 days. It was with everyone and Ranjith keeps on asking when we will go.

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