Monday, April 17, 2006

Kodai Trip, a sequel - 1

May 18th, 2005


Finally we decided that we’ll try to go on June 1st week. It’s not that easy as we have to arrange our leaves and after June 1st week, it wont work out this month as Bastian will be having a training program. So I asked for leave and it was on hold as I didn’t get it easily. I have to wait. On May 23rd, my leave was confirmed. Bastian and Gijoy had no problem with the leave. And here comes the turning point of the tour. We have one more man – The one and only Sreeram, called affectionately as Pattar. He was no there with the Ooty tour due to some reasons and he was so sad about that. So we decided we’ll take him at any cost. We played around him and threatened not to take for tour. It’s prank anyways.

June 2nd, 2005


Bastian and Ranjith came early morning. He bought the package of the tour – Chivas Regal. Can you believe it? Ranjith got us the Sony handy cam from Gijoy’s brother, but he forgot to bring the cassette. Pattar came with his luggage in the evening. Then Bastian and Gijoy went out to take car. Pattar, Ranjith and I went to forum to buy camera’s battery and cassette for handy cam. We got the battery, but the cassette bought was inappropriate. So we all went out again on our car to Forum. We were arguing and literally begging to take the cassette back and the shop owner was not yielding. Finally we decided to buy the proper cassette. Then we saw pattar asking the details of the digicams. We thought it was his usual “killing”. To our surprise, he was serious and finally ended up in buying an Olympus digicam. Pattar’s simply gr8! Then we took some snaps and left for Invitation – Pre tour boozing. We were busy mainly with eating. Snaps were taken and we reached home around 11 and slept@1am.

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