Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Gr8 Weekend

<One of my old travelogues>

August 20th­ - 22nd, 2004

Even though this is more of a religious trip, I hope you guys’ll enjoy.

It was indeed a gr8 weekend, relieved from all the dirt of the busy professional life, spending time with god and nature, that too alone.

I reached Mookambika (Kollur) around 6am Saturday. I have already been to Mookambika several times, yet every visit to the mother is a fresh experience. She was alone there, may be due to the heavy rain. So could meet her fresh without rush and could tell her my grievances and thanks. After the afternoon pooja, I had my food there itself. I can tell, you’ll really long for the Anna dana at Mookambika, if you had one earlier. It’s a delicious meal. But we won’t ask for more. It’s like that only.

If you happen to go to Mookambika, visit Souparnika and Kudajadri too. I have been there earlier. Souparnika is a sacred river comprising all the medical elements and it’s believed that a bath will relieve u of any diseases. You have to take a jeep to go to Kudajadri and there is a temple of Panchaganapathi. And then you have to climb the peak. You won’t feel tired.

Kudajadri is a peak, at the top of which Adishankara established a temple. Brahmin boys will b taking their Upanayana in that temple always.

Around 2pm, I was on the way to Sringeri, dignified by the presence of Adishankara. And the journey was awesome, through the beautiful forests. Ariyathe chodichu poyi – “Ee forest muzhuvan kadanallo ennu”. The journey was excellent through the mist filled forests, full of hair pin curves (almost 20) and occasional waterfalls. The journey was mainly through local transport providers.

I reached Sringeri around 6pm. I took a room and went to the centuries-old Sharada peetham, established by Adishankara on the bank of Thungabhadra. It’s believed that he lived in the 6th century AD (there’re many controversies regarding this). And he came to this world to renovate the Sanathana and Advaitha dharma, which were deteriorating due to the negativities of Buddhism. Such a peaceful atmosphere, you’ll love to stay there for days.

Adishankara is the reincarnation of Lord Shiva and he did the prathishta of Saraswathy Devi here. Sharada Devi (Saraswathy) is being worshiped there and also Lord Shiva. Dhyana mandira is depicted with the story of Adishankara. Now it’s the 36th Jagadguru of Sringeri, Bharathitheertha and he stays on the other bank of the river in Narasimhavana. After the prayers, I had the food there in the temple itself.

Next day morning, after the morning prayers, I was on my way through the Kudremukh national park. The famous Karkala is also near. Nice forest and dazzling sceneries!!! I went past the Netravathi river, which also is considered sacred.

Around 11.30, I reached Dharmasthala. People come there mainly for the mundhan. After 2 hrs of queue, I had my darshan, the main idol being the Amman and Shiva and there’s a statue of Bahubali too. I had my food there at the big hall. The Anna Dana at Dharmasthala is also famous. Then around 2pm, I started my return journey.

Two days theerthadana thus came to an end. Though the whole journey was covered with rain, I felt it as nature’s happiness!!!

After reading this, if you felt like going, then I’m blessed!!!

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