Monday, April 17, 2006

Kodai Trip, a sequel - 3

June 4th 2005


When Pattar woke up at 6, Ranjith was not there in bed. Later we found that he has gone for a walk. Only god knows his purpose. He made some important findings after this walk that no two storied buildings are allowed in Kodai and Aziz bhai is a rich bhai. We got ready by 9.30 and then one folk at the cottage told us the sightseeing places. We want to visit Berijam Lake and he told permission from forest office is required. Bribing at these offices is quite famous and finally we got it at 200 bucks. We had our breakfast from Hotel Ashok, bought snacks and started our journey. We went through Pillar rock and Pattar acted as a traffic police there and solved the vehicle clogging. We crossed Moer Point at 11.30 and we were on the way to Berijam. Bastian got back stabbed by his own dialogue “Jathyalullathu Thoothal Pokilla”. Suddenly one car went past us and we felt like it just hit us. We screamed at the driver and it stopped a little beyond our vehicle. He was looking us as if we had done something to him. And there was one dent in the left side of our car. It has a Karnataka registration KA04 P686. Pattar was on his high spirits and even Gijoy was shouting. Seeing our aggressive reactions, he became milder. Pattar even tried to hit him and jumped on the floor. Had Ranjith not blocked, he would have been in the hospital. We were really furious and he was defending. Then he said we can settle it in Bangalore. He argued and he said he has no money then. Finally we got his mobile number and the hotel address. Pattar even took car’s photo. Finally we said we’ll meet him in the hotel evening and will settle and we moved on. Our mood was almost spoiled and we were discussing what can be done to track him. We reached Berijam fast and went out to see the eco-village and untamed lake. The scenery was quite nice and natural. We spend some time there recording videos and taking photos. We returned and stopped by the side of lake a little away from Berijam. We had bread, jam and snacks on the side on the lake. We resumed our journey once the rain started. We stopped at Silent valley view point. It was drizzling and we couldn’t spend much time there. We reached Kodai town by afternoon and we bought food as parcel and went to our cottage. We reached room fast and took our surprise packet – Chivas Regal. It was a nice time and we left the cottage around 4pm. We went to lake and decided to go cycling. All of us started cycling around the lake. After some time, we saw some mallu girls and eve-teasing started as usual. When we saw the good response, Ranjith and Gijoy decided to leave cycles and take the car and follow them. We stopped at a tea shop and they went to take the car in one cycle. After some time, I and Bastian went to track them. Pattar was left alone there. We saw them on the way and they have not even reached the other end. Finally I went to call Pattar. They all came by car and I and Pattar took our cycles and gave it back. After that we went for shopping to an antiques shop called “Danish Arts Shop”. It was really good and we bought enough decorative items. Ranjith went to check mail and he really missed the 1 hr extravaganza at the shop. We were searching for another good bar, but was eventually forced to go to Kodai International *** itself. The session was good as we ruled the bar. We reached home by 11pm and the topic divulged to ghosts. Pattar was saying he heard a lady-sound last night. Then the topic took its own turn. Bastian even said that Aziz Bhai himself can be a ghost. Finally everyone slept at 1am.

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