Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Life's defining moments

At 2 pm, Sun was shining at its usual in Sunshite state. In the grass field and the wooden steps near that, people were anxiously waiting. There was a small stage in front of us, where one guy was answering the questions. Besides there was a screen which was showing a region far from we were sitting. A countdown pad there in the screen.

29 minutes past 2, an announcement came from the stage "Countdown has begun, T minus 9 minutes" Does it make any sense? It kept on decreasing and when it reached less than 60 secs, the crowd slowly stood up. Screen was showing the event getting readied. Finally, 5...4..3..2..1...

All of us were looking at a distant spot covered by trees. It took some secs for us to see one of the best moments of our life, that too first time. An orange-red flame emerged up above those trees. With a roll and pitch, it turned upside down and cruised up at 1.7 miles per sec. It seconds, it vanished out of our eye sight to be reduced to some smoke in the sky. Finally we saw a small star in the sky which persisted for another some seconds. In 10 minutes, it has reached its destination which orbits mother earth at an altitude of 220 miles.

We were watching Discovery space shuttle launching from Kennedy Space Centre in Florida on July 4th 2006.

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