Friday, March 17, 2006

Ooty Tour - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

November 1st 07.00 hrs


Kerala Piravi (Also Karnataka and Andhra birthdays)

We woke up a little early and started the morning walk, this time all together. We came back and informed the cottage authorities that we’ll be vacating it morning. Then we got ready and left our golden cottage by 09.00 hrs after taking some snaps. We went to Durga and had a heavy breakfast, this time with more variety. We took one snap and left. From there, we went to the Centenary Rose Garden. As it was not the season, the roses were few. We took a snap near one of the poetic engravings. We headed to another exotic locale, Coonoor. The road was fully fog-filled and we went through Wellington, where one military regiment is situated. We reached Coonoor and went to Sim’s park. There was nothing worth seeing and after that, we started for the most interesting spot of our tour, Lamb’s rock. The way was decorated with tea plantation and small waterfalls on one side and mist-filled valley on the other side. We stopped at one point and explored a small waterfall. It was the most fun-filled extravaganza of the trip. We spend much time there by climbing up the falls and taking the video. Then we went to the Lamb’s rock and returned to Ooty. We reached Ooty afternoon and had our last food at Durga. We fueled the car and around 13.45 hrs, we were leaving Ooty exactly after 48 hrs we arrived there. On the way, we took video of the Indu Nivas. This time, we took the Gudalur route. It was simply awesome. Dense forests, tea plantations, valleys and no dangerous bends, it was cool. The only concern is double time, but its worth. We saw a cinema shooting site, a green hill. It was ultimate. Ranjith and Bastian even rolled down the hill. We spend some time there and were on our way down. Suddenly a call came from my stomach, not of hunger. It was an exit sign and it became uncontrollable with time. We halted at some point and I took one water bottle and soap and ran into the forest. Oh my goodness! What an experience it was! Dense forest, Sounds from road and the vehicles echoing inside forest, sounds of nature; Boy, I felt like heaven! It resembled me of Mammooty’s Manasa Maine varoo from YathraJ! Things finished fast and I went back and they were busy shooting. Bastian drove next and we stopped on the way for tea, banana and biscuit. We resumed our journey and entered Mudumalai and Bandipur sanctuaries via Gudalur. Finally, we were lucky. We saw peacocks, herd of deer and tamed elephants. We saw people taking elephant ride. In fact we saw more deer on the way. Bastian was not interested in driving slow (as always) as he longed for a leopard or a tiger to interfereJ. We were soon on the Mysore road. I also drove for some min soon returned the keyL. Around 7pm, we reached Mysore, went to my earlier room to take bed, pillows and hangers. After tea, we started rolling and were soon on the main road to Bangalore. We took dinner on the way and reached Bangalore at 22.30 hrs. The sole enjoyment was Bastian’s rash driveL and Ranjith calling his superior and lying to compensate the leavesJ. We went to Travel house. Their professionalism is again worth mentioning as they didn’t check the vehicle at all. After the payment, they send a driver to drop us. We fueled the car to full tank on the way and reached room by around 11pm. Thus our wonderful odyssey came to an end. Anyway cheers to all three drivers who drove excellently and without taking riskJ.

Yeh Dil Mange More!!!

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