Friday, March 17, 2006

Ooty Tour - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

October 31st 08.00 hrs


Ranjith, Bastian and I went for a morning walk and Gijoy slept some more. Before leaving, Gijoy took a video session of the whole house. Then at 09.00 am, we left the cottage, Give one film roll for washing and bought a new one. We went to Durga restaurant and ate as much as possible. Then we headed for the Famous Lake. We took two pedal-boats, Ranjith and Bastian on one and Gijoy and I on another. We enjoyed for 30 min and had some chocolates and then some snacks from a store in the midst of the lake. We proceeded for Dashing cars, similar to Fantasy Park. It was a good show. We took some snaps in front of the Toy train and a mini garden. The next entertainment was one of the worthless ones, Horse ride. We feared for a moment even. For 200 bucks, they went for some distance and that too not that entertaining. After that, we wanted a good ride in our car. We headed for Avalanche. We saw the Good Shepherd International School. It’s really big and beautiful. While we were shooting in another splendid locale, some of the local fellows were staring and we had to clear the place soon. We reached Emerald, a village and came to know that there’s nothing much in Avalanche. So we went to Canada dam, pronounced as Kannada dam by villagersJ. It was amazing and we soon found a lake in the valley of a hill. It was too good and resembled Thekkady Lake. We even saw some black monkeys, hanging through the trees. We saw the dam which was a little away. Then we went back and had our lunch from, no need to ask, Hamara Durga. Then we went and fueled our car. After some time, we were on our way to Dodabetta, the highest point in Ooty, 2623m. The road to that was amazing, surrounded by forest. We couldn’t enjoy the height as it was almost filled with fog. We then enjoyed some chocobars, radishes and boiled corns. We were going down then and stopped at an intermediate point for video session. On the way down, we halted at a Tea shop and tasted chocolate, masala and cardamom tea. Tea is the favorite of Ooty as Coconut is to Kerala. We also bought some eucalyptus oil. We then headed towards the One and Only Government Botanical Garden, the Royal studio of South India. It is a pick of a place, I bet. But we reached there evening and fog was there. So the environment was not that clear. We enjoyed the beauty and hung on there for quite sometime. After that, we did some shopping outside. We bought small apples and custard apples. We then started exploring the commercial road searching for Dhoom’s cassette. In Vain!!! Bastian bought one cool cap and was the attraction for the coming day. Then we found out the Bar of our Journey, Edassery bar. It was handled by Malayali. Ranjith had BP Gold, Gijoy and Bastian had VSOP and I had RC Challenge. We were served with delicious Chilly Beef, Beef fry and Chicken Manjurian. We really enjoyed except Gijoy skipping initially for his telephone session. We sledged Pandi and then returned to our cottage. This time we reached fast. We collected our photos on the way. Then as usual the chatting session began. Bastian and Gijoy have a little argument about the close chance of Bastian’s ride. It reached no where. Security came again welding a cigar and money. Then we checked our video cam recording. We’re thrilled by that and decided to improve the next time. We went to bed followed by a blanket catching session which took quite sometime. Ranjith told the next day that he fell from the cot in night.

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