Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Goodnight, thank you…

Goodnight, thank you…

Well, you would think what’s so great in these words. Can’t be blamed, it’s natural. But to me, those are beauty.

It was back in last winter, in the peak of which I came to US. Just getting familiar to the onsite work and life, I found every thing very exciting. From snow instead of sand and tissue instead of water jugs, all were revelations. Sun goes to sleep early before 5 in the evening. Lucky guy doesn’t have any offshore calls at night. L

Soft as rose, White as Milk
Snow it was, Watch in Bulk
Shiver rings bell, Walk out and Yell
Vintage time, Winter Rocks
...That was Winter

Time changed, Life changed, Lifestyle changed
Snow bores, Weekend screws, I became nuts
Gloves must, Jacket necessary, heater essential
...that WAS winter

In those days, while leaving from office, I heard “Goodnight, thank you...” just before exiting the building. That came from the security window. I saw a young man, waving hands at us. We too wished him the same. In US, every single guy greets when he see others, but this was a special one. We hear this only when we leave for the day. After the end of a tiring day, we’ll be all alone as people leave early from office here. So it’s really heartening to hear someone greeting us. This young man will be doing his part time job may be. But still he enjoys his work. We became used to his style of waving at us and the special words.

Days ran away, Snow melted away
Summer came into its way, Humming all the way

And then…Raining in Summer; a treat to watch in weekdays and a nuisance in weekends...

Still, "Good night, Thank you…" continues.

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